• Must keep an active blog (Note: This applies to Blog Tours only. You can participate in cover reveals, highlights, Facebook tours and blasts, and Twitter blasts even if you do not have a blog.) 
  • Must use at least two social networking sites
  • For YA tours, must be 14 years or older. For adult tours, 18+.
  • We encourage you to post your reviews anywhere you can. Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • Bloggers who miss three tour posts will be removed from our blogger list and banned from participating on any future tours. We understand blogging can be a bit hectic at times so we ask that you sign up for a tour only if you are positive you can commit. 
  • Review copies are for your eyes only and are not meant to be shared with anyone outside of your blog. If we find out you have been sharing them in any way, you will be banned from future tours. 

  • Consistent content. Good Choice Reading Blog Tours hosts several types of events - blog tours, book highlights, Twitter blasts, Facebook blasts, and more. You can participate as often as you would like.
  • The opportunity to help promote the books you love, both traditionally and self-published. 
  • New book and author discovery.
  • Periodic giveaways offered exclusively to participating tour hosts. 
  • Books

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